10 insider secrets for successful Australian visa applications

Every year, the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection receives thousands of work, family, student and migrant visas – many will be successful, but thousands will be knocked back.

Some applications will be refused because of fraud or ineligibility, but a number are denied due to innocent mistakes, inconsistencies or misunderstandings.

Applying for a business, partner, family, study or work visa can be a complex, demanding process – and it’s important to get it right.

1 – Evidence is crucial

Everything you claim has to be demonstrated with evidence.

2 – Be consistent

Clearing up an inconsistency, even if it was innocent or accidental, can delay the process, cost money for professional advice, and potentially risk a deni

3 – Be accurate

Being as detailed and accurate as possible – and cross-checking for consistency – will make your application process much smoother.

4 – Be honest

Acting with total honesty and integrity throughout the process is important, and if you get caught out the consequences can be serious.

5 – Be organised

Being organised and laying out your documents logically and coherently can make the application process faster and easier for both the applicant and the assessor.

6 – Be aware of inconsistent public records and social media profiles

Applicants should be aware that the Department will search through public records and social media profiles, and verify educational records with the original institutions

7 – Abide by timing and deadline rules

Being aware of timings and submission rules is important, as the Department can be quite inflexible.

8 – Pay attention to detail

It’s important when it comes to accuracy, but it’s also important when it comes to following instructions and abiding by a process which can – at times – be counter-intuitive

9 – Make sure you use the right visa

It may sound pretty basic, but this one has tripped up more than a few people.

10 – Using a Migration Agent

The Department says that using an agent can make the whole process easier and faster, but it is not a requirement.


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